20 January 2018

EDM’s Annual Project Leaders’ Meeting

On January 20 -21, 2018 Enfants Du Mekong (EDM) organized the Annual Project Leaders meeting held at the Kahariam Farm in Lipa, Batangas. Present during the meeting are the three EDM facilitators: Lucie Vandecandelaere, Dianne Boulard, and Renaud de Lorgeril and their respective partnered organizations.


The theme was “Best Practices in the implementation of the Scholarship Program”. Sr. Frances R. Mangabat, SDS and Sr. Mila Singap, FLP attended the said meeting. Two speakers were invited: Mr. Antonio Gobrin of Save the Children NGO, Manila whom he presented the topic “Parents' Implication in the Program” and Mr. Junn Geronimo of Guidance NGO, Manila on Career Guidance. Two selected partners presented their respective best practices in the implementation of scholarship. Small group sharing and activities was also done. The meeting ended with the Eucharistic celebration. 






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