16 January 2018

SDS Inspired Production Training

On the 15th of January, SDS INSPIRED  headed by Fr. Artur Chrzanowski, SDS together with Coach Jose Alvin “Jaoski” Cunanan and the SDS English teachers started the Production Training. They selected 15 learners from Payatas as their participants. It was held at Phase 2, Xavierville Subdivision, Nicanor Reyes St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. The said training started from 9am until 4pm.


The purpose of the trainings are to impart knowledge on the basic of Production and to develop the hidden talents of the learners which can be beneficial in the Production Program that soon be implemented in Payatas Center.

The series of trainings are consist of the following topics; (Day 1) Fundamentals of Production and Stage Management, (Day 2) The Stage, Basic Set Design and Stage Props, (Day 3) Basics of Sounds, Theater Sounds, Sound Effects, Audio Production, Basic of Light, Color Combination and Stage Lights, and (Day 4) Props Making, Stage Make-up, and Production Exposure.

SDS INSPIRED Production Team invited Mr. Emmanuel Sangco from PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) to discussed some important details on Stage Management such as the stage direction, the ten golden rules of a Stage Manager, and the 8 major tasks of a stage manager.

Coach Jaoski gave a brief orientation about SDS Inspired, the rules and regulations during the training, the schedules including the topics to be tackled during the 4 days of training. He also gave knowledge on the fundamentals of Production such as the theater, theater organization, some basic theater terms and the parts of the stage. He also talked over some basic knowledge on sounds and lights.

Ms. Peeya Quaimbao Del Rosario, one of the SDS teachers tackled about the basic different types of theater stages such as the Proscenium, the Thrust, the Arena, and the Flexible or Black Box Theater Stage. She also shared that the stage which “A Midsummer Nights’ Dream” will be using is the Proscenium Theater Stage.

Discussions and creative group dynamics made the trainings effective and entertaining. Hence, the learners had learn new things in a fun way.

After the three sessions of trainings, the SDS Inspired team appointed the participants in the different department of production according to the learner’s expertise as part of their exposure activity.

Some of them was delegated as the Assistant Stage Managers (ASM) under the supervision of Ms. Althea. Some was placed under the stage design and props department with the head of Ms. Ray-An. Those who are skilled in technical aspect was placed into sounds and lights department under the supervision of Coach Jao and Ms. Peeya. And the others was placed in make-up artist department under the supervision of Ms. Jeanne.

On the 19th of January, participants had their exposure activity during the Critic’s Night of the play entitled, A Mid Summer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare.

Even though the trainings seemed to be tiring still the participants enjoyed it and they were all excited for the upcoming activities in ALS Center where they can apply their gained knowledge from the production training given by the SDS INSPIRED PRODUCTION TEAM. They were all grateful for the opportunity given to them.




 Discussion on Fundamentals of production and Stage Management, sequencing of actions, short role playing activity



Discussion on the different kinds of theater stage, stage design conceptualization, presentation of stage designs, tableau of a specific scenario activity



*Short discussion on sounds and lights, demonstration on using analog/digital mixer and basic lights, message relay activity.




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