13 October 2017

Livelihood Program Orientation for New Batch

Last October 12 and 13, 2017, new batch of learners in both center of Payatas and Parola undergone orientation about the Learning Strand 3 (sustainable use of resources and productivity) and Livelihood Program. The orientation is about the interconnection of the program and Learning Strand 3 under the Alternative Learning System Curriculum.



This orientation will help the learners to prepare themselves in Senior High School wherein some of the skills training given in the livelihood program will be useful to them if they had plan to pursue their studies after passing the Accreditation and Equivalency Test. In addition, the integration will make the said program more meaningful and direct application of what they will learn under this strand

Above all, the learners will lead to truly understand the importance of livelihood program and the skills training that they will learned.







5th and 7th Batch Learners of Payatas and Parola during the Orientation.




Puso Sa Puso

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