12 October 2017

Kick-off Orientation for Payatas Charity Event 2017

Last year (2016) marks the first ever Charity Event of 4th batch learners and it turned out successful and fruitful. It leaves so much affirmative emotions to the hearts of their beneficiaries and as well as to the learners who put undying efforts to raise funds for this event.



For this year, this unconditional task is now at the hands of 5th batch learners of all levels. Last October 10, 2017, with the help of our Livelihood Coordinator, Ms. Lucita Lachica and staff of Payatas center, learners were oriented about this noble event of gratitude and love.

To give them more inspiration and glimpse of what will happen to this event, photos and videos from the last year’s event were shown to them. Some learners from 4th batch shared also their experiences and stories.

After the orientation, all levels from 5th batch are grouped into 5 and they had the chance to talk with each other and formulated their initial plans to raise fund. Consideration of their skills and initial budget are discussed as well by the groups. Reporting follows and based on their agreed plans, most of the groups chose to make and sell doormat. Other livelihood activities includes making sweets, and dishwashing liquids.




Ma’am Lachica and Sir Edwin facilitating the orientation



Groupings and reporting of 5th batch learners




Puso Sa Puso

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