• "Dearly beloved, teach all nations especially the children, to know the true God and Him whom sent Jesus Christ." - Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan

    About Us
  • We strive to uplift the future lives of Filipino children and youth by way of education and charity.

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  • What started as a hobby in photography back in 2008 gave birth to a foundation dedicated to uplifting the lives of thousand of Filipino children.

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  • Through the kind hearts of the people behind Puso sa Puso, what was once a vision is slowly becoming a reality for the young generation Filipinos.

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  • We continue to support former beneficiaries of ALSA BUHAY Program in their efforts to effectively go back to the formal school.

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  • Since 2008, our yearly goal is to provide an unforgettable Christmas Party for at least 1,000 less fortunate children in Metro Manila.

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  • We are grateful for any help extended to us.



ALSA BUHAY : A Key project of Puso Sa Puso

Alternative Learning System Approach : Bridging Unlimited Hope for the Advancement of Youth

Feature Video

A documentary movie about ALSA BUHAY Project



Core Values


Core Value



Core Value

Respect and love for all, persons irrespective of personal circumstance


Core Value

Stewardship responsibility for nature and all creation






Activity : Parents & Learners Awareness Program

The program is meant to enlighten parents and students that ALS learning process has positive socio-economic impact on their lives. The program consists of six sessions to be attended by both learners and parents.

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