Parents and Learners Formation on Children’s Rights

The first joint formation of parents and learners for the year 2015 in Payatas was conducted at Sagrada Familia Chapel. This was facilitated by Sr. Mary Adeline Abamo, SDS. The formation started with an introduction wherein participants were asked to introduce one another and what they like about the other person.

The discussion started with identifying the age of children as well as what the bible says about children. The bible therefore says that children are symbols of God’s kingdom since they are totally dependent to God and are humble despite being hurt.It was noted that caring for children is important since they comprise the future generation.

Discussions on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and its guiding principles were conducted followed by a workshop on identifying unmet rights of children. This was participated by separate groups of learners and their parents. Both groups identified education as the primary unmet right of children in Payatas. 

Parents were reminded of their big role in ensuring that their children realize and enjoy their rights while guiding them to respect the rights of others as well. Application of what was learned about the provisions of the CRC was also recommended.