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REPORT: Fire Disaster

The fire happened at the Binondo side of Parola, Barangay 275, Manila at around 6:00 o’clock in the evening of March 2, 2015. It lasted for 9 hours to extinguish the fire. The area from Gate 46 up to Gate 62 is totally consumed by the fire. At around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon of March 3, another fire started at Gate 1 just across the ALSA BUHAY Center. Immediate help came from Fire Departments of the nearby Barangays that it did not spread that wide.

Formation for UNCRC

The first formation for 5th Batch was held last February 28, 2015. It was entitled United Nation Convention for the right of the Child (UNCRC) given by Sr. Ma. Adeline Abamo, one of the advocates of Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children. The attendees of this formation were both parents and learners. 

Monthly Mass : Parola

Alsa-Buhay in Parola Manila aspiring for having a regular mass finally happened. The first mass in Parola which will be continued every first Friday of every month was successfully held in the Puso sa Puso Edukasyon Inc. Livelihood Center, Delpan Binondo Manila. Father Philip, a Filipino priest from Augustinian Recollect was the master of ceremony.

2015 Junior and Senior Promenade

It was indeed a night to remember. Last February 26, 2015, secondary learners of Payatas center from second and third batch gathered together to their much-awaited event, - The JS Prom. The theme for this year is “Starry Night”. We know that every child has innate capacity to show how good they are and like stars, it will definitely brighten up in the midst of uncertainty and darkness. They have their own unique colors that shine our soul and if we put them in the right path with one mission, they can create a beautiful constellation that can also inspire others. 

Outreach Program sponsored by Super Friends

“Super Friends” as they called themselves are group of young lawyers who inspired to help others especially the needy children chosen us to be one of their beneficiaries. They came in their own to our center last February 21, 2015.

Parents and Learners Formation on Children’s Rights

The first joint formation of parents and learners for the year 2015 in Payatas was conducted at Sagrada Familia Chapel. This was facilitated by Sr. Mary Adeline Abamo, SDS. The formation started with an introduction wherein participants were asked to introduce one another and what they like about the other person.

February Monthly Friday Mass

It’s the first mass for this year here in Payatas Center. At exactly 8:30 in the morning, Father Lando Caluag solemnized the mass. Of course, we started it with the opening song sung by ALSA-Buhay Payatas Choir.

Orientation on Community Outreach

Orientation on Community Outreach/Exposure Activity with the students from San Beda College and their Foster Families: Last February 7, 2015 (Saturday) General Orientation for the Community Outreach/ Exposure Activity conducted. It was attended by 34 Junior students from San Beda College who took different courses like BS Psychology, BS Entrepreneurship and BS Human Biology. Ten (10) representatives from the chosen beneficiaries of ALSA-Buhay program also attended. The activity started around 10 in the morning. It was held in Payatas ALS center and facilitated by Payatas staffs.

Accreditation & Equivalency Exam

The ALS Accreditation & Equivalency Test is a multiple choice paper and pencil test. The test is designed to measure the competencies of those who have not finished either the formal elementary or secondary education and enrolled and completed the 10 months program of Alternative Learning System. Passers of this test are given a certificate/diploma (which bears the seal and the signature of the Department Secretary) certifying their competencies as comparable to graduates of the formal school system. Hence, they are qualified to enroll in high school (for elementary level passers) and to enroll in college (for secondary level passers). 

Church Visitation

Church Visitation was held in preparation for the Accreditation and Equivalency Examination of the learners. We gathered all the learners for them to prepare themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Most of the learners attended this activity beside of those who are not catholic, but they also attended their spiritual fellowship in their own congregation. This was held in Sto Niño Tondo Church for it was the best and accessible church for the learners.

The Road To A Better Future

It says in one quote of Lily Tomlin, “The road to success is always under construction”. True enough, in gaining successes we should always work hard, put our passion and raise our spirits to become a good contributor of our nation. Last January 25, 2015, the ALSA-BUHAY Payatas learners took their way towards brighter future. This is the day they have all waiting for, the day that will set the conclusion of their almost one year studying and learning under the foundation – the Accreditation and Equivalency Examination.

Letters from the Heart

Some letters of our beneficiaries and learners to Puso Sa Puso Edukasyon, Inc.'s Sponsors.

ALSA-BUHAY Payatas Christmas Party

As the Christmas day is very fast approaching, Christmas Parties are taking place all over the Philippines. To be part of this very rich tradition, we held the Christmas parties for both 2nd batch and 3rd batch of ALSA-BUHAY Payatas learners all in one day.

ALSA-BUHAY Parola Christmas Party

Last Dec. 12, 2014 we conducted Christmas party for the 5th batch. We were so happy for the performance of the 5th batch for they organized the event on their own. We only supervised the program, everything was well planned and the learners were happy. The entire group was present and participative in this activity. 


On Dec 10, the staff of Parola center conducted an Advent recollection to spiritually prepare both the learners of 4th and 5th batch, from elementary to secondary for the celebration of Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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